About Nadine Jans

Nadine Jans, MSc. Founder of the Experience Centered Care with H.E.A.R.T. Method and the Calm Caregiving Blueprint

My name is Nadine Jans and I am on a mission to end the overwhelm, stress and loneliness of people with dementia and their care-partners. 

I am a psychotherapist and coach in Vancouver Canada and a psychologist in the Netherlands. About 16 years ago, I started my internship as a psychologist in elder care in the Netherlands, helping people with dementia, families, and professional care providers to manage challenging situations, high levels of stress, caregiving, dementia related issues, anxiety and anger. A few years later I became an eating disorder therapist as well and helped my clients break free from  overeating, emotional eating, guilt and self-sabotage.

Then, after several years of working in complex dementia care, my own father developed dementia and I discovered it’s a completely different story when your own family member gets dementia.

I developed the Experience-Centered Care with H.E.A.R.T. Methodology™ a cutting-edge system that provides a step-by-step framework to significantly improve behaviors, moods, and relationships so that you and your person with dementia can finally experience inner calm and meaning in your life.




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