Break free from the grip of guilt, anger and overwhelm and create more calmness for both you and Your Person with dementia


Get the roadmap and tools to break free from over-eating, anger, guilt and overwhelm and discover how to significantly reduce anger, stress and resistance  in your person with dementia.

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Are you struggling with any of the following?

  • Stress, resistance or anger from your person
  • feeling angry and frustrated yourself
  • feeling guilt, dread or overwhelm
  • over-eating or stress- eating to try to cope 

This is for you!


You may have heard this a million times:

“You need to take care of yourself!”

"Stay calm!"

“You need to eat healthy, meditate, and exercise!”

You probably know exactly what you should be doing to take care of yourself.

But you don't feel capable to do it. There is not enough time or when you have time you just want to sleep, eat or watch TV.

Stress, anger, and guilt are wearing you down. 

You may wonder what's wrong with you or if it's ever going to get better.

Nothing is wrong with you! 

There is so much going on in your life.

Your family member has dementia, and the stress, worry, grief and overwhelm are now part of your new normal.

It's hard to phathom what you are dealing with.

You are trying to figure out what’s going on, finding ways to do things and to get the right services and help in place. You are dealing with challenging situations, trying to help your person manage his or her behaviors and moods, while taking care of yourself also… and perhaps you're trying to manage other family members as well.

Furthermore, you are going through your own inner emotional process: guilt, anger, sadness, stress, worry, grief, resentment. 

Getting some tips and insights here and there can definitely be helpful but is often not enough.

What you really need is the right strategies and tools in a step by step framework to:

  • know exactly what to do, how to do it and at the right timing to calm your person and prevent resistance, anger or anxiety
  • feel grounded and in your power 
  • break free from the grip of guilt, worry, or anger
  • help regulate your person's nervous system 

I want you to feel grounded and in control of your life, while also creating calmness and contentment for your person with dementia

If you want this too, start today and download the free guide on how to significantly reduce stress, anger and resistance today!

These myths keep many stuck in a vicious cycle:


MYTH 1: 

"There is nothing I can do about the difficult behaviors". From neuroscientific research we now know that we can calm parts of the brain of people with dementia by creating the right experience. The environment of the person needs to be set up so that the person experiences a sense of safety and connection. The good news is that this can be done in a simple and doable way!

MYTH 2: 

"There is no time to learn new tools, besides I have tried many times, things don't seem to work".  It's not only about what to do and how to do it, but also about timing! Learning these tools will allow you to let go of a lot of struggle and will help you save time! 


"If my family member is not well, it feels selfish to work on myself!".  We know from interpersonal neurobiology that if you feel good, the people around you, especially your person with dementia, will benefit tremendously. Not only because you have more bandwidth to handle difficult situations, but also because your person's nervous systems will calm down as a reaction to your calmness. Feeling calm and joy is not about leaving your person behind, it is the opposite. It will lift up your person. 

What you need is a step by step framework to significantly improve behaviors and moods of your person with dementia and yourself

Stop swimming upstream!

I want you to:

  • live a full life
  • be able to cope with the difficult moments without sabotaging yourself
  • feel a sense of control
  • enjoy meaningful moments
  • help your person with dementia live his/her best life
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Jeff von Bergen, Manager, Fraser Health Authority

That was an extremely informative and well-done presentation.  I had agreed to attend your presentation despite thinking I knew everything I needed to know about Dementia and really didn’t expect to get anything out of it.  Was I ever in for a surprise.  I quickly realized I knew very little!  I found myself thinking about it for several hours and days processing my new understanding.   Thank you for that

Hi! My name is Nadine Jans

I am on a mission to end the overwhelm, stress and loneliness of people with dementia and their care-partners. 

I am a psychotherapist and coach in Vancouver Canada and a psychologist in the Netherlands. About 16 years ago, I started my internship as a psychologist in elder care in the Netherlands, helping people with dementia, families, and professional care providers to manage challenging situations, high levels of stress, caregiving, dementia related issues, anxiety and anger. A few years later I became an eating disorder therapist as well and helped my clients break free from  overeating, emotional eating, guilt and self-sabotage.

Then, after several years of working in complex dementia care, my own father developed dementia and I discovered it’s a completely different story when your own family member gets dementia.

I developed the Experience-Centered Care with H.E.A.R.T. Methodology™ a cutting-edge system that provides a step-by-step framework to significantly improve behaviors, moods, and relationships so that you and your person with dementia can finally experience inner calm and meaning in your life.


Carol Wittal, Recreation Therapist, The Harrison at Elim Village

I was one of your admiring and nodding audience at Elim Village last Friday.  Myself as well as my colleagues loved your analogy of the library and librarian!!  It made such sense.  Also how you explained how we store information and how the different parts of the brain have roles.  So well put and made amazing sense.  I looked at your website but was also wondering if you have written a book on what you spoke about.  We had to leave a little early and so missed your info. On aggressive behaviour.  Would love to have your notes or if you have gotten your analogy and descriptions  elsewhere could you tell me where or who so I can get this in front of my eyes to read and further digest

All the tools to manage behaviors and emotions of both yourself and your person are available to you

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Feeling calm and joy is not about leaving your person behind, it is the opposite. It will lift up your person. 


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